Essential oils are a powerful gift from nature, not only do they assist in healing the physical body they also assist in raising the body’s vibration.

Research studies on essential oils show positive effects for a variety of health concerns including infection, pain, anxiety, depression, PMS, nausea and many others.

I have found through my personal experience of using Do Terra essential oils, they have supported me with all the common emotional difficulties that face my family and I everyday.

There is also a feeling of empowerment when taking care of my family’s emotional and physical health by using simple, but very effective actions, whether is it using a sweet smelling roller blend on acupressure points, making my own cleaning products and my own natural personal care products.

Only the highest quality of essentials oil should be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Most essential oils are marketed for their scent and aromatic quality only and can contain solvents, which are harmful for the body. You are guaranteed with Do Terra CPTG Certified pure therapeutic grade that you are using the purest of essential oils without fillers or contaminants.

So if you are on a journey of wellbeing and looking at your physical and emotional health, these oils are a must.

Michelle O'Donnell Nutritionist. A.R.T. therapist at the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE

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