As part of our work at the ISHSKO Wellness Centre we recommend these excellent nutrition products that prepare the body for Mercury filling removal. The products are for patients in a general good health. They help mop up heavy metal and mould toxins from the bowels, support the detox pathways of the liver and kidneys.

While everyone will benefit from a heavy metal detox, it is essential for people contemplating the removal of their mercury fillings. As a integrative biological dentist I recommend that anyone contemplating a heavy metal detox , finds a practitioner familiar with the intricacy of this process. Many factors can block the elimination process like, stress, emotional trauma, scar tissue, jaw dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies and allergies. In order to avoid toxin re-uptake all these issues need to be assessed and treated if they pose an obstacle.

However we found over the years of using HMD ultimate detox for our clients at the Ishsko wellness centre, that it is a safe and gentle support of the elimination process fo people with general good health and a reasonable stress free emotional life. It is known to remove heavy metals without the risk of a heavy healing crisis.

We recommend HMD ultimate detox as part of the preparation phase at least 4-8 weeks prior and during and after the mercury removal procedures, using HMD chlorella, HMD Lavage and HMD.

In People with general good health a minimum of 90 days of detoxification with the HMD ultimate detox supplementation is needed after all metal fillings have been removed.

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As an dedicated centre for safe mercury free dentistry and detoxification therapies, Dr Tim'Rays 5 phase detox protocol has been part of our integrative approach to safe elimination of heavy metals since 1999. Now Dr Tim Ray made available PROTECT-5 PHASE DETOX for a total body detoxification from heavy metals such as mercury, industrial chemicals such as flouride & chlorine, mycotoxins and microbial toxins.

You can purchase Dr. Tim Ray’s incredible & easy to use full body detox.

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Are you suffering of a diminished immune system or suffer typical 21st century chronic ailments? Do you want to improve the quality of your sleep? Do you want to increase your energy? You now can consider adding ASEA to your health regime.

ASEA , is a suspended saline solution with trillions of REDOX signalling molecules in an arrangement that is found inside our cells. These REDOX singling molecules are vital for for cell function and are produced by our mitochondria (energy factory of the cell).

The mitochondria start producing less and less of these molecules as we age or when the cells are affected by toxins.

ASEA is the first consumable source of these REDOX signalling molecules, so we can actively replenish our body.

Experience the benefits of ASEA:

  • Increases antioxidant efficiency of our master anti-oxidant Glutathione
  • Enable antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Significantly increases efficiency of communications signals in order to detect, replace and repair unhealthy cells, and protect healthy cells

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Essential oils are a powerful gift from nature, not only do they assist in healing the physical body they also assist in raising the body’s vibration.

Research studies on essential oils show positive effects for a variety of health concerns including infection, pain, anxiety, depression, PMS, nausea and many others.

I have found through my personal experience of using Do Terra essential oils, they have supported me with all the common emotional difficulties that face my family and I everyday.

There is also a feeling of empowerment when taking care of my family’s emotional and physical health by using simple, but very effective actions, whether is it using a sweet smelling roller blend on acupressure points, making my own cleaning products and my own natural personal care products.

Only the highest quality of essentials oil should be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Most essential oils are marketed for their scent and aromatic quality only and can contain solvents, which are harmful for the body. You are guaranteed with Do Terra CPTG Certified pure therapeutic grade that you are using the purest of essential oils without fillers or contaminants.

So if you are on a journey of wellbeing and looking at your physical and emotional health, these oils are a must.

Michelle O'Donnell Nutritionist. A.R.T. therapist at the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE

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