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EMF Protection Phone Pouches

Shield your vital organs and reduce the risk of adverse health issues caused by mobile phone use with our ISHSKO WAVESHIELD PHONE POUCH.

Mobile phones are an integrated part of our personal and business life, so it is unrealistic for any of us to stop their use all together. However, considering protection from the harmful radiation is a smart decision.

In my clinical practice we see serious deregulation of the autonomic nervous system when a patient is exposed to their mobile phone or tablet radiation. Organs that are most vulnerable are the brain, prostate, ovaries, thyroid and possibly the heart and breast tissue.

All brands of mobile phones have different SAR rating (specific absorption rate by the body tissues). Recently it has become transparent that the SAR rating listed by the mobile phone brands were measured at a certain distance away rom the ear and is deemed safe. New research is now looking at the SAR rating when the mobile phone is placed directly on the skin, because lets face it, this is how the majority of people handle their phone.

Protects your head when making phone calls
By placing the mobile phone in the front pocket of the ishskp wave shield phone pouch and placing the back of the pouch on your ear while on a call, you will be reducing the SAR by at least 96%. The phone pouch is lined with a RF blocking fabric made from silver (40%) bamboo (60%) fabric and comes in a variety of fashionable patterns and colours.

Protects your body when carrying the phone.
Most people carry their phone in their trouser or breast pocket. Even on standby the radiation can adversely affect our vital organs. If you place the phone inside the pouch no signal will come through and when the phone is placed in the front pocket and the back of the pouch faces your body will be protected but it does not interfere with signal, When your phone is in the front pocket, you'll still be able to receive incoming calls and messages as normal.

Think of it as a luxurious pillow case for your phone. Soft and attractive, it protects your phone like an ordinary phone case, with innovative near field  shielding material inside the pouch. It shields your body while carrying the phone and shields your head while making calls.