Early in her childhood Dr Evelien had a clinical near death experience, which left her able to experience the higher planes of consciousness. She was taught by the Masters of the Sound Current for many years through meditation and used what she learned in her own life and healing. Later training as a dentist it was clear to her that the 2 dimensional medical model was far from adequate. She started on expanding her professional education in studying kinesiology, energy healing, MFT, Family constellation work, nutrition, autonomic response testing and Korean acupuncture.

20 years ago, while meditation outside in her garden, she received a internal message to share the sound current vibrational Mantra’s with her patients, and the first Vibrational Sound Current Essence was made. It took many years to bring down the algorithms of each Essence, and she received great support and blessings from her Balinese Bio-Energy Master Ratu Bagus, who kindly supported her in the process of bringing down a full range 3 Tier of energetic sound current blueprint Essences.

  1. Energetic Blueprint Essences
  2. Organs and Systems Blueprint Essences
  3. Gem Essences

a fourth Tier of Meditation Essences is under development and addresses different states of consciousness in application in our life purpose.

The last 8 years the ISHSKO VIBRATIONAL Essences have been successfully used as part of the treatments given as a bio resonance practitioner. The demand for the products is constantly expanding and several outside therapists are request training in this module of healing, as it had benefitted them  personally and wanted to make them available to their clients. For those reasons The Essences are now available to everyone to enjoy through our newly launched web shop. Each individual Essence or Essence blend is made on demand, with the utmost care.

For therapists the Essences can be supplied in a test kit and in August 2018, Dr Evelien will launch the practitioner ISHSKO VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE Course.

Dr Evelien