PP19 Phone Pouch


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ISHSKO Waveshield EMF radiation protection phone case

Think of this pouch as a luxury pillow case for our phone. Soft and attractive, it is made of innovative EMF shielding material and protects your vital organs from harmful EMF radiation while carrying your phone and shields your brain while making calls.

It has two compartments: the main compartment covers the phone for transport. Calls to the phone will be received as "missed calls, which you can access once the phone is taken out of the pouch. The second compartment is the little "kangaroo" style pouch in the front. Place the phone here when making a call and hold the pouch against your ear.

Wash and iron at cold temperatures.

All products are Handmade.  Please allow slight manual deviation in pattern and cut from the picture shown.

17 x 10 cm

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